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Hi, if you wish to join us a seller for baby products, please register on our seller portal. 

Please ensure that you refer to our Payment & Fee policy and Refund Policy before registering.

You can follow these instructions to register and add products to sell on our website. 

  1. Open the link “Seller Portal
  2. If you are already registered as seller, please login 
  3. If you are a new seller, please click on Join now and register as a new user
  4. Once you have registered, please login with your credentials, please complete your seller profile and then go to "Products" in the menu
  5. From Product menu, choose product listing. On the product listing page, click on Add Product
  6. Add product details such as product name, description, photo, price etc
  7. Click on save changes



Packaging Instructions

FAQs for Sellers

Q 1- What is the Payment Policy?

All fees are simple and straightforward:

  • It’s always free to list an item for sale on Pyarababy.
  • After your item sells, we deduct a small fee from the final order price. For all sales the fee is a flat rate of 15%.
  • The shipping will be borne partly by the seller and partly by the customer. After deduction of 15% fee and shipping cost the rest amount is transferred to the seller as per the payment cycle, i.e 7 days after delivery of the product.

Please note, your earnings on the seller dashboard are based on the listing price and commission and does not include the part shipping charges. 

Q 2- What is the Payment Cycle?

Payment for your sales is deposited securely into your bank account on the 7th day from order delivery, including your Cash on Delivery orders

For e.g. if your product is successfully delivered on 1st January 2024, money for that product will be deposited in your bank account on 8th January 2024.

Q 3- How much do I get paid?

With Pyarababy, you can sell your products at as low as  15% fee (shipping has to be borne by the seller & customer partially. Customer shipping is levied at time of checkout and seller shipping share will be deducted from the amount after the fee is deducted) and get your payments on time. 

Q 4- How are Refunds handled and paid for?

We have a specific return policy for products that were received in damaged condition by you only. The return window is 48 hours only.

Customer needs to make an unboxing video while opening the package to avoid any conflict of interest with seller at a later stage.

Q 5- How is Shipping Handled ?

Shipping for PyaraBaby is handled by our 3rd party delivery vendors. The shipping item is picked from seller's location and transported to the customer.
We will charge this cost on actuals only.
The shipping cost will be deducted partially from the seller payout and partially from customer during checkout.

Q 6- How Can I sell more?

Here are some tips to maximise your sale and payouts.

  1. To sell more you can bundle up low-value products. For example instead of selling baby clothes and shoes separately, you can pair them up and make a nice set. For toys you can club up similar toys and make a nice package of toys. This will help it be economical for customer and might help you sell more. It will also be economical for you in terms of shipping costs.
  2. Sellers should add as much product description as they can (including but not limited to features, usage, condition (new, almost new, extra loved)) so as to enable customers to make an informed decision and to derive successful sales of the products listed. 
  3. Please keep the price of the items lower than price of similar new items available online.

Q 7- How can I fulfil an order?

We will fulfil the orders on your behalf.

That's it! Your seller profile is ready and you can add as many products as you want.
Happy selling!