Packaging Instructions

PyaraBaby will not be responsible for in-transit damages.

  1. Please use sturdy cardboard boxes for shipping your product.
  2. Please use rigid boxes which are intact
  3. Please do not use flimsy or damaged boxes.
  4. Please remove any other labels, hazardous material indicators, and other previous shipping markings on the box in case you are reusing the box.
  5. Please clean & sanitize the box before shipping.
  6. Please use cartons of the appropriate size to avoid high Shipping fees.
  7. Please ensure products are safely padded and are not moving around in the boxes.
  8. Please strap the boxes securely. Do not use string or paper over wrap.
  9. For books and clothing you could also use blister packs if possible.
  10. Stick shipping label with recipient details provided by Pyarababy.
  11. Please don't use fancy boxes/packaging or fabric packaging that won't hold up.
Important notice: Place a duplicate address label inside the package

Use sturdy boxes

Avoid broken boxes

Use proper adhesives

Use blister packing for clothes & books.


A penalty fee of 10% will be charged for products not meeting set requirements.

We would appreciate it if you sent the products just as you would like to receive them for your own kid.