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Comparisons- An Unwanted Aspect of Our Society

by Apurva Rungta 20 Jul 2022 0 Comments

- By

Ruchi Pavecha

Oh, your baby still hasn't learned to crawl.

My child's midterm grade was 98 percent. What was your child’s score?


We run into small similarities like this all the time.


Many parents have been observed contrasting their children with those of other families. Parents may not be aware of this, but all these varied comparisons cause your child to lose motivation and self-esteem.


And why are kids being compared?

Depending on their upbringing, every child develops in their own unique way. So why would a young child even be compared with others? Some parents believe that this will help their children develop and succeed in their various professions or parents set certain expectations from their kids without keeping in mind their limitations and capabilities. This, however, can have an opposite impact. Children become confined in their thinking and put limits on their personal development.


Isn't that something that needs to cease immediately, something that is really essential and should be discussed?


Have we ever considered the potential effects on our kids?


Did you, as a parent, make the proper decision in comparing your child to others? Have you ever considered the impact your comparison might have had on the child?


As they get older, children make an effort to learn more about everything they come across. So why do we, as parents, wish to teach our children to make false comparisons with one another?


When kids are compared to one another, they become reckless and their developing talent is constrained. Even if they have the best of intentions, the environment in which they are raised prevents them from developing. It undoubtedly limits their ability to develop personally and to feel good about themselves.


The child therefore becomes more cautious by nature and is unable to concentrate on the important things they wish to do.

However, it doesn't just happen with parents; many people in general, including school teachers, do it.


We've had enough of comparing the kids. It's time to discontinue this activity and start putting more emphasis on the child's physical and mental growth.


But how can we ensure that our child is raised well and has the proper attitude?

First and foremost, we need to put an end to the comparisons.

Eventually, what?


Every parent has a duty to instill in their children positive traits and steer them away from destructive behavior. But how is that possible as a parent?


Raise your youngster with optimistic attitudes from day one. Given that you are the one who gave birth to your child, why not raise them with all of your love and support?


Don't be the one to tell them, "Their child excelled and you didn't," but rather give them the heights they will reach. Why don't you, as their parent, aid them in achieving this goal? Give your unwavering support and watch him or her achieve greatness.


Try to make their deficiencies into strengths and their strengths into stronger ones. Starting with you, your child will be trained. Therefore, as a parent, you must make an effort to meet your child's requirements.


However, older children are also being judged and denied, not only newborns or teenagers.


Children who are adults also deal with many societal concerns.


It's past time for us to alter the way we used to think, to assist all children and adults in not being compared to one another, and to make them flawless enough to reach their goals and succeed in life.


"As you sow, so shall you reap," is a proverb that we have all heard. So why not sow the seeds  to plant deeper?


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