Tips to get more Sales


 Seller Tips

  • Sellers should add as much product description as they can (including but not limited to features, usage, condition (new, almost new, extra loved)) so as to enable customers to make an informed decision and to derive successful sales of the products listed.

  • For smaller items, you can bundle up products. For example instead of selling baby clothes and shoes separately, you can pair and make a nice set. For toys you can club up similar toys and make a nice package of toys. This will help it be economical for customer and might help you sell more.

  • Try to keep the price of the items lower than price of similar new items available online.


 Tips To Photograph Your Product

  • Try to add minimum 4 pictures and a video per product.

  • Have good quality pictures that are clear and display the product properly. 

  • Place the product against neutral colored background

  • Show the product from different angles and show any damage or wear & tear to ensure a fair analysis by buyer

  • Try to add a video showing the product in a 360 degree view. 


 Pricing Tips

For Pricing your product make sure to do a quick review of similar products available online. 
  • For Brand new items/Unused Items - 80-90% of the original price

  • For  Some Used Items - 60-70% of the original price

  • For Gently Loved Items - 40-50% of the original price

  • For Extraloved Items - 30-40% of the original price