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Breaking the Mold: Navigating Societal Expectations for a Boy Child

by Apurva Rungta 20 Nov 2023 0 Comments


Expectations for a Boy Child

As a single girl child born in 1990, my parents defied conventions, believing that one child, regardless of gender, deserved every opportunity life could offer.

 Embracing Change:

Their decision shaped my journey,Girl child paving the way for a life built on education, determination, and the freedom to pursue dreams. Now, as a mother to a beautiful baby girl, I'm blessed to have a supportive husband and in-laws who share the belief that a child's gender does not define our family's completeness.

 Navigating Unwanted Wishes:

Yet, despite our contentment, societal expectations cast a long shadow. From well-meaning neighborhood aunties to the distant relatives we meet once a year, the wish for a boy child to "complete the family" resonates like a persistent echo. Even at a normal pooja in the family, the priest would wish upon us for “a boy very soon”.

 The Weight of Expectations:

The pressure from the collective consciousness weighs heavy. Even amidst the celebrations of my daughter’s arrival, the subtle remarks, the 'blessings' for a boy, remind me of the deep-rooted preference society holds for a male heir. And I really fail to understand the mindset behind this, specially when now girls are raised as independently as boys and are in no way less capable of taking care of their parents.

 Redefining Family:

daughter and father bond- Pyarababy

In my home, we've redefined what family means. Our love isn’t contingent upon the gender of our child. My daughter isn’t a precursor to an anticipated son; she is the embodiment of love, joy, and hope.

Through this journey, I've realized the importance of breaking stereotypes. I'm determined to raise my daughter in an environment where she’s free from the constraints of gender norms, where her potential isn't defined by societal expectations.

As I navigate these societal whispers, I’m committed to challenging the status quo. I stand firm, hoping for a world where celebrations aren’t contingent upon the gender of a child, where love isn’t overshadowed by societal preferences.

 A Message to Society:

To the world around me, I urge a shift in perspective. Let’s celebrate the birth of a child for the pure miracle it is, not for conforming to outdated expectations. Let’s empower our daughters and sons equally, fostering a world where opportunities know no gender.

We should tread forward, determined to pave a path where our daughters, and in-fact, all children, are celebrated for who they are, not who they are expected to be.

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