Our Founder


Meet Apurva Rungta, a dedicated mother, accomplished lawyer, and savvy entrepreneur who embarked on an inspiring journey that led to the creation of PyaraBaby, a startup revolutionizing the way parents embrace the joys of parenthood.

With a Master's degree in Law and extensive experience in marketing, Apurva discovered her entrepreneurial calling when she stumbled upon this idea while packing away her daughter's outgrown belongings.

The true turning point in Apurva’s life came when she was confronted with the sentimental task of packing away her daughter's outgrown belongings. This experience sparked a brilliant idea within her, as she recognized the need for a platform that could empower parents by providing them with a convenient and sustainable solution to deal with their children's outgrown items.

Fueled by her entrepreneurial spirit, Apurva took the leap and founded PyaraBaby. The vision behind the startup was to create a vibrant online community where parents could connect, exchange, and recycle gently used baby and toddler items. PyaraBaby aims to foster a sense of sustainability and reduce waste by promoting the concept of "sharing is caring."