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by Apurva Rungta 01 Mar 2023 0 Comments




Giving birth to a child can be thrilling and overwhelming.

A new mother goes through physical and mental changes after delivery. In addition, new mothers are showered with a wealth of advice, making it challenging to distinguish between facts and myths.


Restrain yourself!


Debunk the top 10 myths by reading this article to the end.


1. Myth: New mothers will naturally bond with their children and experience immediate love and connection.

Fact: While many new mothers connect with their babies right away, not all do.

Taking some time to interact with your infant is  understandable.

Some new mothers may simply be too exhausted, ill, scared, or anxious to allow themselves to fall in love right away. This is acceptable..

It's okay to spend some time bonding with your infant. If necessary, seeking assistance from a physician or therapist can be beneficial.


2. Myth: Breastfeeding is natural and ought to be easy for new moms

Fact: While breastfeeding can be a lovely and natural experience , it can also be difficult and might take time, patience, and support.

New mothers may encounter problems including painful nipples, insufficient milk production, or latching challenges. It can be beneficial to ask for assistance from a physician  or lactation consultant


3.  Myth: New moms should eat plain food

Fact: A balanced meal is beneficial for new mothers.

Protein, carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and regular fluid intake should all be included in their diet.

Alcohol and caffeinated drinks should be avoided, though.  It is best to seek professional advice if a mother believes that her infant reacts to a certain meal she consumes.


4. Myth: Good mothers understand the meaning of their baby's crying.

Fact: It's true that some mothers can understand what their baby's cries signify, but not all of them can. If you’re a mother who is unable to recognize the infant’s crying, remain cool; you are not alone, and you are still unquestionably a good mother.

The demands of the newborn can be gradually understood by establishing a schedule.


5. Myth: After birth, a postpartum belt or belly wraps can help reduce tummy size.

Fact: Most postpartum belts are composed of flexible material with the intention of compressing the tummy and supporting the lower back.

Although some women might discover postpartum belts offer some support and comfort following birth, there is no proof that they might assist in reducing stomach size. Before using it, it is preferable to speak with your doctor.


6. Myth: New moms should not bathe or wash their hair during postpartum period.

Fact: After birth, it's essential that they refrain from strenuous activity and heavy lifting, but there is no reason for them to avoid taking a bath or washing their hair. During this period, its vital for new moms to practice good hygiene.


7. Myth: During the postpartum time, new mothers shouldn't drink more water.

Fact: After giving birth, new mothers should consume lots of water to stay hydrated and support their bodies' natural healing processes.

In fact, new mothers who are breastfeeding should consume plenty of water because dehydration can reduce milk production.


8. Myth:  If a new mother is ill or has a temperature, she should not breastfeed.

Fact: It’s generally safe for new mothers to nurse while they are ill or feverish. In truth, antibodies found in breast milk can help keep the baby healthy.

If you have any worries, you should consult your doctor.


9. Myth: Avoid picking up your newborn too frequently because they will require your constant attention.

Fact: This is totally not true. Picking up a new born when they cry or need comfort is normal and essential aspect of providing for them because infants have a strong need for physical contact, comfort and attention.

In fact, studies have shown that meeting a baby's requirements promptly and consistently can aid in creating a strong and secure attachment between the child and mom, which can have long-lasting beneficial effects on the child’s social and emotional development.


10. Myth: As a new mom, you have to give up your career.

Fact: You  don't necessarily have to give up your job as a new mother; you can take a break from it.

You can continue working towards your career objectives while also taking care of your child if you have the proper resources, planning, and support.


Always keep in mind that being a parent is a special and intimate experience. It’s vital to put your physical and mental health first, get support and avoid being influenced by unproven myths and beliefs. Parents always know the best for their child, so you do you!



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