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by Apurva Rungta 27 Jan 2023 0 Comments

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Misbah Fathima


Being a parent can be exhilarating, exciting and overwhelming.


You've likely overheard other parents say things like, “You'll be on cloud nine when you hold a baby”, “Having a baby will transform your life in a better way."


Therefore, we frequently talk about good things with new parents who are expecting. But no one ever addresses how having a child can affect your marriage.

Having children is a blessing.  Without a doubt.

But the transition from being a wife to a mother and from a husband to a father may be difficult and you might be out of depths for atleast some time.


When someone claims that their marriage remained the same after having a child, they are not being completely truthful with you. 


My marriage has undergone a number of changes as a result of having two children, yet despite these changes, we continue to love and support one another as we embark on the wonderful journey that is parenthood.



  1.  A common problem for new parents is sleep deprivation. The constant demands of a newborn, such as feeding and diapers changes , can make it difficult for parents to get the essential rest. Parents who get less sleep, experience irritability, exhaustion and anxiety. I still recall how, for the first three months after birth, my older daughter would wake up at night to be fed every hour.


  1. Baby blues are a frequent phenomenon that many new mothers feel for days or weeks after giving birth. Feelings of sadness, worry, excessive sobbing, impatience, and mood changes are all the possible signs of the baby blues. After giving delivery, these emotions typically start to manifest within a few days and can persist up to two or more weeks.


  1. Did you know? Ten percent of fathers report having the "daddy blues," similar to baby blues in the initial weeks or months following birth. The symptoms include strong emotions at the time of the baby's birth, worries about being a good parent, marital strife, disengagement at work, lack of sleep, exhaustion and restlessness. (New parents should be aware of these symptoms and seek support if they get worse or last longer.)


  1. As both parents were raised in separate households, the parenting style will be different of both after the baby is born. Couples may argue and fight as a result of this. Change of opinion is frequently experienced in a variety of areas, including screen usage, feeding, discipline, co-sleeping, and sleep schedules.


  1. Another big change that parents experience is that they struggle to adjust to their new parenting responsibilities and find a way to combine their obligations at home and work.


  1. A couple's relationship may suffer as a result of raising a kid, and it may be challenging for parents to connect, communicate and be intimate.


  1. The baby’s birth might significantly alter financial circumstances. Many new parents struggle to cover their children's costs and make ends meet.


  1. Some new mothers experience postpartum depression, pain or discomfort after delivery, and exhaustion from nonstop breastfeeding. As a result, they feel isolated from their family, friends and from themselves.


Although having a child can strengthen a couple's bond and provide them much love and joy, it can also present new difficulties. To successfully manage the changes and difficulties of parenthood together, communication and cooperation are essential.


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